Food safety is our top priority

ARILFRUT strictly complies with all current laws on traceability, as each batch of our product is identified from the producer to the end consumer. These batch identification processes are revised and updated on an ongoing basis using the most advanced technology to prevent errors, since food safety is a critical concern for us. For the codification of our products we follow GS1 codification standards. This commitment adds great intangible value to our fresh products for the consumer to enjoy.

The fruit is grown in compliance with company directives on good agricultural and environmental practices, through the whole process of picking, delivering, selecting, cold conserving and packaging the fruit.

A process where quality matters most

Most of our fruits’ nutritional properties and vitamins depend on the amount of time which passes between harvest and consumption, which is why traceability is crucial to gain a clear view of the product’s useful life. When the fruit is received at the plant, a registry is made of the origin and moment of harvest, information used later when the fruit is classified, calibrated and packaged. After packaging, the product is sampled and its quality is controlled (parameters like taste, penetromy, presence or size) before being sent to the customer.

Our certifications are very important to give the best service to both customers and suppliers, as trust to our end consumers.